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Employee Health Services

Our Mission

Our goal at MSA Employee Health Service is to protect and promote the highest degree of health and welfare of the individual employee and to help maintain the utmost level of work interests and productivity. This goal is achieved through a professional process of risk identification, management and prevention, and by providing the most comprehensive and specialized health service for the employees, employers, families and the community.


MSA Employee Health Service provides specialized health services to employees, staff, executives, contracted employees and volunteers working in industries, government agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental practices and private businesses.

MSA Services are usually structured specific to work tasks, exposures and health status of the individuals. They take into consideration the standards of medical practice and compliance with mandated regulations and government guidelines such as OSHA, Department of Health, EPA, Civil Service Laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Worker's Compensation, and Labor-Management agreements.

MSA Employee Health Services include the following health care functions:

  • Pre-placement, periodical and exit examinations including medical and occupational history, physical exams, testing, vaccination and counseling.
  • On the job injuries, evaluation and management.
  • Worker compensation and disability claims management.
  • Medical surveillance and certification required for respirators use, DOT exams, animal care handlers, vision screening, hearing conservation for noise exposure, etc.
  • Immunization assessment and vaccination according to CDC/ACIP guidelines and the State DOH regulations.
  • Tuberculosis control including Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) and management of individuals with latent infection.
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures, training and control including exposure assessment, testing, vaccination, treatment and counseling.
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments post illness or injuries and when requested by EAP counselors or managers
  • Potential work-related illnesses, evaluation and management, including cumulative trauma injuries (ergonomic problems), lung disease, etc.
  • Mandatory health examinations.
  • Occupational health examinations for work exposures such as mold, asbestos, chemicals, noise etc. pursuant to Safety and Health requirements.
  • Evaluation of the physical and mental capacity to perform jobs safely and effectively.
  • Accommodation of work to the worker and each worker to the job as required under ADA guidelines.
  • Assessment for chronic disease such as bronchitis, asthma, cancer and heart disease.
  • Preventive programs through training, awareness and counseling.
  • Programs to enhance and improve the state of health and wellness of employees including education, nutrition and wellness.
  • Screening for social drugs


Our services are provided by board certified physicians in Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine (Preventive Medicine) and a licensed professional staff including nurses, medical technologists and administrative staff. A group of health and safety specialists provide the field assessment and training support in all work safety areas, as needed, such as industrial hygiene, health and safety and infection control. A network of laboratories and facilities provide any needed testing for the individuals and/or the worksite(s).


EHS MSA is directed by Dr. Wajdy L. Hailoo, Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Hailoo is aboard certified physician with fellowship training in pulmonary medicine and infectious disease and certification in pain management. While with Stony Brook University, Dr. Hailoo served as the Head of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine with the School of Medicine and as the Medical Director for the University Hospital Employee Health Service for over 15 years.

Through these roles, Dr. Hailoo directed, supervised and managed the clinical, teaching and research operations of Employee Health Service. He participated first hand in the various aspects of establishing policies, staff training, patient wellness and management, quality control, community outreach and interaction and representation of EHS at the highest level of the university and private clients. This experience, as well as prior work experience in four different countries, deems Dr. Hailoo as one of the experts in the field of health and safety.

Dr. Hailoo is currently the Medical Director for the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program in Queens, New York as well as the President of Medical Service of America, a consulting and service provider professional corporation in the field of occupational, environmental and public health.

About Us

  • Services required and/or recommended by government and professional agencies
  • Board certified physicians
  • Professionally trained staff offering the highest quality of care
  • State of the art testing equipment
  • Comprehensive lab and x-ray resources: general, toxicology, MRO, B-read
  • Modern and convenient clinic facility
  • Flexible services at clinic or worksite
  • Very convenient and cost effective terms
  • Strict privacy of the individuals and their records
  • Timely notification and reporting
  • Open schedule: weekdays, weekends, evenings
  • Accessible location, ΒΌ mile north of Rt. 495 (LIE, exit 60)


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