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Brookhaven National Lab Employees

Comprehensive Medical Services for the DOE Former Worker Medical Screening Program and the DOL-EEOICPA Compensation Program

Medical Services of America (MSA) provides coordinated specialized services to former employees of the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) under the Department of Energy (DOE) Former Workers Medical Screening Program and the Department of Labor Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. Hundreds of BNL employees and its contractors, sub-contractors and venders have been examined. Many have been identified as suffering from illnesses due to work exposure and thus covered for treatment and compensation. Benefits include payment for life-long expenses incurred in diagnosing, monitoring, treating and following up on the identified covered conditions. Additionally, participants with covered conditions receive monetary compensation varying in amount depending on the diagnosis and level of the disease. Over fifteen million dollars have been awarded to MSA-examined participants.

Medical Screening Examination

The medical screening examination for BNL former employees and non-employee providers is provided by the Department of Energy (DOE) Former Worker Medical Screening Program and administered by the BC Center for the Environment and Health, Queens College, City University of New York, NY. Actual examinations are given at the MSA office in Ronkonkoma, NY.

The examination is a service designed to address exposure and risks for occupational illness while employed at BNL. Examples are cancer (exposure to radiation, chemicals), asbestosis, silicosis (exposure to dust, insulation), respiratory disorders (exposure to welding fumes, heated metals, dust), beryllium, lead, cadmium toxicity (exposure to metal dust, grinds, fumes), neurotoxicity, hearing loss (exposure to solvents/cleaners like MEK, TCE and benzene). These illnesses are either not easily identifiable or their association with the work environment is not known to the general health providers and therefore examination by an occupational and env. medicine specialist is crucial to assess the risk and to determine the exact diagnosis. The examination also targets general wellness assessment including testing for diabetes, cholesterol and risks for heart disease. This comprehensive examination is:

  • voluntary
  • totally free, no out-of pocket costs to the participants
  • confidential
  • conducted by an Occupational and Env. Medicine Specialist
  • follows a predetermined protocol including in depth review of occupational and medical history, complete physical exam, chest x-ray, hearing and breathing tests and blood and urine lab work, including blood test for beryllium.
  • provided as an initial examination and thereafter is offered at 3-year intervals.
  • reported to the participants as a written report addressing the exam results with recommendations and information about compensation
  • records are reviewed regularly and the participant may be contacted for follow up
  • participants are asked to share the results with their personal physician

Compensation under EEOICPA Program

Monetary compensation and medical care benefits to those found ill because of their work exposures are provided under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICPA). This program is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor (regional office in Cleveland, Ohio). In addition to BNL employees, non-BNL employees such as contractors, subcontractors and venders who provided services to BNL are also covered. Survivors can receive benefits. According to the Ombudsman office 2015 report, over $12 billion was paid in compensation benefits to EEOICPA claimants.

Benefits are provided under Part B or E of the program, or both.

This Part covers conditions of cancer, beryllium disease, and silicosis. Benefits include:

  • $150,000 lump sum
  • medical monitoring for beryllium sensitivity
  • all benefits under Part E

This Part covers illnesses due to toxic substances encountered at work including dust, metals, chemicals, solvents and cleaners. This part also covers all Part-B conditions. Benefits include:

  • paid all medical expenses for the covered conditions
  • impairment compensation up to $250,000 ($2,500 per each 1% of impairment)
  • payment for lost wages
  • $125,000 lump sum to survivors if condition caused, aggravated or contributed to death
  • up to $50,000 wage loss to survivors

Under this program, MSA offers a free screening examination and any needed diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up care. Our in-house program experts can also help with the DOL-EEOICPA compensation process.

Most services under this program are provided by Dr. W.L. Hailoo, an occupational and environmental medicine specialist; a well-known program expert, currently the President of the New York State Occupational and Environmental Medical Association (NYOEMA).

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